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What Will the Future Hold for Humans as Technology Moves Even Faster

Published on 15th December 2022.

Accomplishments have been vast in the past few hundred years. Take a moment to place yourself just a mere 100 years ago. There were no actual supermarkets, paved roads, or many cars, for that matter. It often seems as though days move slowly, but when you look at how much technology has changed over the course of a few centuries, you begin to understand the human capacity for adaptation and evolution of change. Some may even claim we have come as far as we can, but as most of us know, that is not true.

Advancements in technology are coming to light each and every day and just when we think it couldn’t get any better, something new invigorates our imagination. All of the advancements in technology do make us wonder what the future might hold for the human race. How far away are some of the more imaginative technological advances we have seen in some of the most famous Si Fi movies? Is it all good or are there certain consequences for flying too close to the sun?

Ethical Challenges

Possibly one of the challenges of the future of technology has to do with our personal ethics. Ethics have been a part of human existence since the dawn of time and we have struggled with what is morally right and wrong throughout history. Now we face a true precipice in our existence with the notion that anything is possible. Anything may be possible, but is it ethical? This is the primary question that begs an answer when new technology comes to light.

Ethics in Technology

Struggles with Automation

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything could be done for us? On the surface, it seems that having some entity to do our various tasks throughout the day would be remarkably beneficial to our lives, but is it really? The answer is a bit complicated.

AI is set to revolutionize the way we live. Every aspect of humanity has the potential to be impacted by AI in some manner. Again, think back. An alarm clock, before electricity, was the sun. When the sun was up, you were up working. When it went down, the family, generally went to bed. However, today, we are no longer slaves to daylight. If you want to stay up late, simply turn on the light and every other device in the house to keep you entertained. To get up in the morning, on time, simply set your alarm.


This might sound like a simple idea, but in some ways, AI, just as the alarm clock, can make us less self-reliant. Consider waking up in the morning and having everything done for you. Your clothes are laid out, coffee ready to go, and even breakfast hot on the stove. No, it’s not your mom doing this for you, but AI technology built into every part of the home. Should you desire something else, simply ask.

A nice thought for sure, but we must be careful, as humans, and as we move further with technology, to always maintain a sense of self. Doing things on your own, even simple things, gives us a sense of purpose that cannot be mimicked by AI technology or any other smart device.

A Priority to Improve Lives

One of the main struggles we face in the coming years is our commitment to our fellow many. Not all people have life so easy. However, not all parts of the world are so fortunate to have ample housing, adequate food sources, or even clean water. For those of us who live in fortunate areas, it is our responsibility to look for ways to help others who are in need. Future technology can do a lot to help with that.

AI can help locate underground water sources or even build homes through automated 3D technology. The technologies we now possess, as well as those we will have access to in the future need to be resourcefully managed to the benefit of all humanity. Imagine a world where clean water, housing, and even food are no longer a luxury in underdeveloped countries. With a focus on how technology can benefit humanity, we can, eventually, see this happen.

Technology Improving Lives

Technology is certainly not a bad thing. Many technological advancements have vastly improved human existence. Cures for a variety of diseases can be attributed to medical technology and for that, we are truly thankful. However, technology can have a very dark side as well. As we become so enthralled with all technology can do, it is remarkably important that we do not focus our enthusiasm internally, but look outside ourselves to what can benefit others. Enjoy technology and all the joy it brings, but never neglect the opportunity to utilize the best aspects of technology to help those less fortunate than yourself.

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