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How AI Will Affect Our Everyday Lives and Even the Lives of Our Unborn Children

Published on 15th February 2023.

Everywhere you look today there is talk of AI. Some are all for it while others are strictly against it. There are also a few of us undecided on the entire concept with misgivings on both sides of the AI fence. No matter where you find yourself in the ongoing AI debate, it is here and moving forward in our society. How will we cope with the advancements of this growing technology? How will it affect our everyday lives? Better yet, how can we expect AI to affect our unborn children and future generations to come? These are questions that beg an answer.

Automation of Everyday Tasks

Do you forget to do some things? We all do and many times we may have found ourselves stating we wished we had an assistant. With AI, you will. AI has the ability to automate tasks so you can worry less about them. We have already seen how AI automates messages on various social media apps, so the owners of said pages do not have to be available 24/7. The system can answer basic questions without bothering the owner of the page. Should a question arise the system is not prepared to answer, the owner can step in to assist, but questions such as when are your operating hours of how much is a particular item can be answered through chatbots and similar AI based programs.

AI in The Medical Field

AI is going to be a game changer in the way the medical field handles patients. Even now, appointments can be set through AI generated software freeing up time within most doctor’s offices, but it can do much more than that. Ai has been used for nominal tasks within the medical industry for a few years now and during that time, technology has highly advanced.

AI in Medical Field

One of the more unique aspects of AI in the medical field is the ability to diagnose and even prescribe medication for patients. Some programs can even perform minor surgeries and assist doctors in the operating room. Soon, we may see a day where certain surgeries are solely performed by AI without any human entity. Although some may be skeptical of this practice, it would be a unique way to make performing medical procedures more cost effective and versatile even in some of the more remote and underdeveloped countries.


For generations we have seen images in which robots seemingly take over society. Si-Fi flicks from the 80s feature robotic hands doing everything from controlling spaceships to running a ticket booth. However, modern AI is an adaptive programing system that can virtually learn anything it is programed to learn and although we may not have spaceships zooming to parts unknown across the galaxy, we do have many land based vehicles AI can pilot.

AI Air Travel

The notion of self-driving cars is not new. Google has been using the devices for many years to map our world, at least, anywhere that is not covered by water. However, more recently, self driving options have been implemented in our personal vehicles. Many of the big name vehicle manufacturers have self-driving options in many of their models. The future may hold some unique things, such as planes piloted solely by AI as well as public transit.

Future Education

Education is paramount to grow any society and teachers are one of the most essential parts of education. Educators can spend years going to school and many more years molding young minds. Ai is set to change the face of the education system as we know it. It already has in some ways. Teachers can automate their social systems and answer common questions from students. However, soon we may be seeing AI go a bit further. What about AI teachers?

AI Teachers

Currently, AI technology is only available for teaching assistants. The program can automate lesson planting, expand language accessibility, assess students, and much more, but the notion of a fully automated teacher is not out of the question. We may soon see AI generated teachers being employed in underdeveloped countries to assist with teaching students when no physical teacher is available in that area.

What Might Be Some Drawbacks to Future AI Technology

With every new technology, there are benefits and negatives. One of the major negatives of AI is how much it can take over. The human race has become dependent upon technology for many things and this dependance will likely grow. We are already having an issue with students utilizing AI programs to automate writing and art projects taking away a certain level of creativity awarded to young people. Unfortunately, there are some negatives that AI will bring to the table for our current generation and future ones.

AI can be used for good, but it can also be used in a negative way. The future is yet to be foretold, but, at least in the case of AI, it will continue to grow. There is truly no telling what our unborn children may have the opportunity to see as they grow. Maybe some of those old Si-Fi movies are about to get a little more real.

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