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The Heart of a Giver

Published on 15th December 2023.

Has Giving Grown or Decreased in Our Current Economy?

Why do we give? There are a variety of reasons why we give things away. Maybe it is because we have an abundance or simply want to feel good about what we are doing. Maybe we feel it has a greater impact on society. All of these things are true of a giver, but how has giving changed over the years. There was once a time where giving was an essential tool of the bartering system. However, with the invention of physical money, bartering has all but become a past time. What of the giver today? Is there an increased presence of the need to give? Do we find ourselves giving at certain times? Has giving decreased due to the economic impact of life? Let’s find out.

The Giving Principle

Giving is not just about what we have been taught in religious circles. It is based in a reality that what you give will come back to you in like manner. Giving is based on 4 distinct principles.

Priority – We are to make giving a priority in our lives.

Proportional – Giving should remain proportional to what we have.

Sacrificial – Giving can be sacrificial in which we give on a deeper level that sacrifices something of ourselves.

Cheerful – The principle of giving does not work correctly if the gift is not given with a cheerful heart. Giving with joy allows the circle of giving to continue.


A true giver understands and masters the principles of giving, but it is not all about what they will receive from giving. Giving is a unique entity in which blessings come to both parties. The receiver is provided what they require from the giver and feels blessed, but the giver is provided a feeling of both satisfaction and joy from providing for someone else.

State of the Economy

The Pandemic changed the face of the world. Not only were we forced to come to the own conclusion of our personal mortality, we were told to fear those around us. We watched as country after country began to not only become infected with the virus, but overrun. Entire nations were put on restriction. Schools closed, businesses went remote or shuttered their doors. For virtually all of 2020, the world held its breath as we diligently hoped for relief from this monstrous virus.

Due to the fact that many people were unable to work, government entities began providing for the basic needs of their citizens. Money went out to households around the world. It was needed, but such an influx of cash into economies had a negative effect in the coming years.


Inflation is currently at an all time high. Although government officials claim they are doing everything in their power to bring down the effects of inflation, it has been of little use to average citizens. For the average person, going to the grocery store and filling up a vehicle is now a significant part of life. We are now working to simply exist.

How it Has Affected Giving

Families of all sizes and economic levels have showcased a value for giving. We teach our children these principles and are happy to do so, but when facing the need to pay monthly expenses versus giving to your normal charities which one wins out? We must exist, but are forced to realize there are many others in much worse economic standing than ourselves. Families are still focusing efforts on giving, but it has slowed considerably as inflation grips societies across the globe even further.

What About Philanthropists?

Much of our annual gifting comes from families and community organizations just trying to make the world a better place, but a significant portion comes from world minded philanthropists that have the means to drastically impact non-profit organizations and help globally. How are they fairing in all of this?

Philanthropists, like average people are feeling the effects of inflation. They too have slowed giving in 2023. Although the principles of giving still stand strong, even the wealthiest of individuals and organizations have had to tighten their purse strings and consider where to give their money. Humanitarians, even those that have not allowed the risks of inflation to affect their giving, are doing more research into the validity of where they give to ensure the gifts are truly impactful and not simply padding the pockets of organizers.

Cheerful Giver

What Does the Future Hold for Giving?

History repeats itself and thankfully, we know from a historical standpoint, the economy will stabilize and inflation will slow. However, we must endure the state of the economy for a bit longer. No one can say for certain how long our economy will be in the shape it is in, but the principle of giving remains strong. Give and it shall be given to you in like manner, so never neglect the essential need to give with joy. Give what and when you can and always be a cheerful giver.

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