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What Challenges Do Caregivers Face in These Troubling Economic Times?

Published on 15th October 2023.

Caregivers are often taken for granted. However, these are the individuals giving of themselves day in and day out to help others. The elderly and disabled would be nowhere without loving caregivers. It is a noble career path, but one that is full of challenges as well. If you have ever thought about becoming a caregiver, here are some of the challenges you might expect to see, but do not be discouraged. Those that help others are essential, loved, and appreciated as well.


We have all heard about the unfortunate issue with burnout. Burnout can make anyone feel unmotivated and drained, but it is particularly a vulnerable issue for caregivers in 2023. Caregivers are expected to be available at all times ready and willing to take care of any needs that arise. Lack of sleep due to ongoing demands of patients and required travel can make any caregiver experience burnout.


Burnout can be caused by an increased workload, lack of control, and simply feeling overwhelmed by what is occurring. All of the issues can affect caregivers, but there are solutions to help. Although there is not always an option for a caregiver to step away for a vacation, taking time for yourself, even for a moment, can drastically help. For instance, when your patient is sleeping, take that time to meditate or perform a few stretching exercises and never neglect the need to hydrate. You can never completely ward off certain feelings, but remaining active and getting rest when you can is definitely a solution to cope with possible burnout as a caregiver.

Labor Shortage

This one is a huge problem that the caregiving community is facing. Firstly, people are living longer now than at any other time in history. The average life expectancy has climbed over 70 years and as people age, they need more care. The life expectancy, across the globe, has actually doubled since 1900, so naturally, there is a historically high need for quality caregivers. However, there is also a clear labor shortage in this sector of the healthcare field.

Caregiver Labor Shortage

Why the labor shortage? It stems from a variety of different issues. Not everyone is adapted to taking complete care of another individual. Also, caregivers do not always make as much as some other sectors of the medical field. The national average for caregivers remains just under $29,000 annually, yet other medical field careers offer upwards $100,000 annual income. Although being a caregiver is not necessarily about making a large income, it does play a significant part in the decisions of those looking to move ahead in the economic ladder.

Physically Demanding

One part of the caregiver career that is not talked about is the necessity of physical strength. It is essential that a caregiver remain in shape and strong to take care of their patients. Falls can happen at any moment, both inside a home or facility and out in public. The caregiver needs to be able to assist their patient eve if no lifts are available to do so. Pulled and overworked muscles from lifting patients are all too common in the caregiver world, but it is all worth it to know you are caring for another human life.

Physically Demanding

Like any physically demanding job, it takes a commitment to maintaining your health in order to take care of another individual. Eating healthy and making an effort to exercise is essential for both your physical, as well as mental, health. The better you care for yourself, the better you will care for others.

Expansion of Home Based Services

Many years ago, the thought of home based care was a non-issue. Generally, when there was a disabled or elderly individual that needed extra care, they were placed in a retirement or care home. However, this trend has come to an end. Many elderly and disabled individuals prefer to remain in their own home causing a rise in the need for home based care. Caregivers will often work in shifts to take care of one person in their home as opposed to a team of caregivers working with multiple individuals. In many ways, it is better for the patient, but can be remarkably demanding for the caregiver.

Home Based Care


Inflation is not just a buzz word in today’s culture. It is a clear reality that we are all facing. As prices of everyday items go up, living expenses rise, leading to the need for caregivers to be paid an increased wage. It is a domino effect that has touched seemingly every part of our lives in recent years. As inflation takes hold, caregivers still work to provide great care for their patients while trying to keep their own bills down at home. It is a challenge, but one we can all face together.


Challenges happen in any industry, but caregivers are particularly vulnerable these days. They give of themselves on a daily basis and it is something that should be commended. If you are a caregiver, thank you for doing all you do and may your life be blessed.

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