A Global Society

Published on 15th October 2022.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Our Inevitable Future

Where are we at in our existence? We are no longer in a time where industrialization is changing the shape of the world. We have been through a pandemic, various natural disasters, and a myriad of other issues as humans and we are still moving forward. Throughout history we have seen wars rip nations apart and dictators overthrow entire civilizations, but for what exactly? Ultimate power? What history has taught us is that there is always someone more powerful than ourselves, so the pursuit of ultimate power is actually fruitless.

We live in a world that is already globalized, whether governing entities want to admit it or not. At the touch of a button, you can connect with someone halfway around the world or buy the latest new product from any country across the globe. Although we are still adapting to the concept of a global society, we are beginning to see both the advantages and disadvantages of this type of world.

Harder to Hide Facts

One of the best advantages to come from a global society is how nothing can truly be hidden. Before television, radio, and cell phones, governing bodies would simply tell their people what they wanted them to know. However, that is no longer the case. Today, if an event happens, it can be instantly broadcast over social media for the world to see. It is very difficult for government to eradicate all information about an event. The truth is actually out their for everyone today and it is a nice change.

Bringing People Together

It is refreshing to see people from all walks of life come together for a singular goal. Our global society is providing an opportunity for groups to come together and for people to converse with others who may not be exactly like them. Stereotypes and cultural boundaries are being challenged and people are finally realizing we are all essentially the same.

Bringing People Together

Where we see this most is after a natural disaster. Again, nothing is hidden, so once a natural disaster occurs, live images are reported instantly everywhere. It touches the hearts of people from everywhere and that means support. Hearing about an issue can fall flat on the notion of giving with some people. However, if you begin to show that person images of the people affected by a natural disaster, it tugs at their heart strings a little differently. Our world is becoming more compassionate simply due to the ability to share real images without having to wait for a media outlet to do it for us.

Increasing Emissions

Although there are a variety of benefits to a global society, there are some disadvantages. As more people have items shipped across the globe, an issue with increased emissions begins to arise. Those products have to be taken from one place to another and for that to occur, plenty of emissions must be put out into the atmosphere.

Negative Impact on Habitats

Another problem with global society that we have yet to discover is how it will impact nature. When we think of a global society now we may only envision the ability to buy products and services from other countries or talk to anyone at any time from anywhere. However, as the concept begins to grow, we may see nations come together in more of a physical way. Treaties and partnerships among nations are great and excellent for the world, but when these entities come together, how will it impact certain natural habitats.

Habitat Impact

Building bridges and expanding roads to incorporate other lands can take away natural habitats of vulnerable creatures. While we are working to bring everyone together, we need to be mindful of animals living amongst us. Take the time to examine these habitats and work to ensure they are not disturbed when building physical connections between nations.

Invasive Species

Plant life in your perspective country is something you have become adapted to. However, if you were to take some of those plants to another area of the world, the result might not be entirely positive. Certain fungi, parasites, and bugs can behave differently than in their native land. A redistribution of plants across the globe within a global society can have devastating effects on the environment as a whole. We have seen this in America when the Boll Weevil almost eradicated the crop. Now, it is illegal to plant cotton without a license to grow the plant.

Boll Weevil

The notion of a global society seems ideal, but as we all know, human entities can mess up concepts. If we are to eventually move to a global society, it is best to consider what is best for the whole of the population. That includes plants, animals, and yes, humans. How far do we really want to take a global society now that you know both the advantages and disadvantages.

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